5 steps to more tasty marketing for your business

Marketing is a nine letter dirty word.

It is ill-defined and misused.

It’s creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky.

No wait, that’s the Addams Family!

Anyway, marketing is a tricky concept to get your head around.

So I’d like to help.

For over three decades, I have made marketing the focus of my commercial and business life. From product management in the ’80s to advertising agency in the ’90s. And for the last twenty years as the owner of a successful boutique strategic marketing business.

A small business, with big results.

Over $2billion in revenue growth for our clients to be exact.

I made it my mission to understand what business owners needed from their marketing, and also to find out how they went about it.

As I always recommend to our clients, this started with some research.

Actually a lot of research.

A f@#$ing huge amount of research!!

Over ten thousand surveys.

Over 1200 benchmarked businesses.

It took this much research to come to a fairly simple conclusion in hindsight.

We’ve found a pattern of success that relies on five discrete steps to your marketing program.

And the majority of business owners start at Step 4 of this approach.

Yep. They skip or ignore the first four steps.

Imagine trying to bake a cake, by putting all the ingredients — still in their bags and boxes — straight into the oven. And then being surprised when the cake didn’t turn out right.

Pretty much that is how it is with marketing.

I’m not blaming business owners for this. The fact is most have never learned what marketing is, or how to do it.

And they rely on Google and Facebook for answers, which inevitably lead them down a rabbit hole of conflicting or conflicted advice.

I’m an independent advisor. This means I don’t make any money from advertising, or social media, or promotions or any of the thousands of channels you can choose from in marketing.

I make money from advice. And over time this advice has to work, or I lose my customers.

What are the 5 steps you ask?

Well, this is them:

  1. Research — before you do anything else in your business, you need to research your customers, your market and your competitors. You need to know the needs, wants, behaviours and attitudes of your customers. You need to know the focus and positioning of your competitors. And you need to know the size and scope of the market in which you compete.
  2. Analyse — after finding out about these three things, you need to analyse this information and pull out some key information that will help you decide where to position your business in the market. Along with any factors that impact how you compete in that market. Such as legislation, trends etc. You need to decide what you are good at, what you suck at. And then what opportunities you can take advantage of.
  3. Plan — once you’ve decided your market position, you’ll need to work out how to communicate that to your prospects or ideal customer. You need to work out your goals, your resources.
  4. Implement — the execution of your marketing plan is all the programs you are going to run. You advertising, social media, promotions, influencer marketing, brochures, and so forth. Since I mentioned before that most businesses start here, you can imagine their marketing activities won’t be very effective because they are trying to say something without knowing what to say, or who to say it to, or where to say it.
  5. Detect — the final missing ingredient is measuring what in step 4 works and reinforcing what works, whilst discarding what doesn’t

If you keep these five steps in mind. No burn them into your scone(skull). You can save yourself years of pain and lots of dough(money). You wouldn’t think I like cooking would you. Ok, now I’m getting hungry!

Anyway, I’ll make it easy for you. The five steps make up the acronym — R.A.P.I.D.

Seriously though, I have used this model for the best part of twenty years. I’ve written books on it. And I’ve helped over 500 clients create more than $2billion in revenue growth by sticking to this simple formula.

Give it a crack for yourself, and you’ll be more successful with marketing your business.

Enjoy the journey.




Passionate about writing, business, cooking, photography, music. Aiming to be a renaissance guy.

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Hunter Leonard

Hunter Leonard

Passionate about writing, business, cooking, photography, music. Aiming to be a renaissance guy.

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