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7 tips to reach more goals

Hunter Leonard
3 min readOct 10, 2021


In my latest book — Red Giraffe — I explore why some people can set and reach goals and why others never seem to make it. Through our own experience in business, and observing clients and others over the years, we’ve found some key reasons.

I’ve pulled together tools that you may have heard about, and others that we’ve developed to improve our chances of reaching our goals. And now I’m sharing them with you.

Strategy is a word lots of business owners love to hate. Less than 20% of all business owners have a written strategic plan. Even less work the plan to get where they want to go.

Here are seven things you can do to set and get your goals.

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Tip 1 — Make your goal real — if you are going to write a goal down — and research suggests you’ll be at least 10x more likely to get it if you do, then make the goal nice and juicy. Describe in your goal what it tastes like, looks like, feels like, sounds like to you when you’ve reached it. The more you can inspire yourself to GO for the goal, the better off you’ll be.

Tip 2 — Spot the difference. When you set a goal, you’re describing a future state that you’d like to be in. More clients, more profit, less weight, a better relationship, more knowledge, more ability, faster etc. One of the key ways you can check how you are going along the way is to spot the difference between where you are at now, and that future state. A bit like those old photos in the newspaper where you had to spot the difference between the two photos.

Tip 3 — Discipline — If you want to reach your goal, you had better be disciplined about it. Put another way, there is a great saying — “it is easy to say no when you have a bigger YES in mind”. In other words if something is important to you, then focus on it, and don’t get distracted by other things that are not as important.

Tip 4 — BIG. Little. Now — this is a tool we created by the same name. The BIG item is the goal you’ve set. The little items are the daily, weekly, monthly things you need to do to reach the goal. And the NOW is literally which of those little things you are going to do now. It’s a simple way to break down a big goal into little achievable things

Tip 5 — Schedule — if it is not in your diary you won’t do it. So schedule the important things into your week first before you have a chance to waste time on the things that ‘just come up’

Tip 6 — Be Honest — a goal is only a wish if you’re not honest about it. You have to be honest about your current situation and honest about the size of the goal in order to really reach it. If your assessment is not real, isn’t realistic you’ll never get there.

Tip 7 — Do the work. If you’re not prepared to put in some work to get to your goal, then don’t even start. Nothing comes for free in this world. It takes study, or exercise, or promotion, or customer service to get your goals — the work required of course is relative to the type of goal you’ve set. Be prepared to do the work, and you will reach your goals.

Hope this helps. If you want to have some fun, learn some new tools and meet some people just like you who want to achieve their goals, then reach out and take part in the challenge mentioned above.

Look forward to hearing of your successes.



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