On the subject of time


(a poem originally written for a friends birthday)

The past only exists in the minds of men
who ponder on experiences past
Yet, they are woven into you inextricably so
and contribute to the whole beingness.
A part that cannot be excised.

The now is a sequence of moments
be careful, don’t blink, they’re now gone
Yet within these ephemera
joy, love and life do exist.
Within them, the power to create.

The future is endless no end to be seen
A timeframe impossibly long
Now imagine what has been
What is now and to come
And that power is raised infinitely

Although age is remarked on, robotically so
Tis true, we have all the time we could want
And given that is true, hip hip hooray to you.
Because in this life, you’ve created an effect



Hunter Leonard

Passionate about writing, business, cooking, photography, music. Aiming to be a renaissance guy.