Why wisdom is so valuable

Hunter Leonard
3 min readOct 15, 2021


My wife found this stunning illustration of an owl this morning on Pixabay.

Owls are very precious to us at Silver & Wise and are featured in our logos and on the covers of our best selling books on mature age business ownership, future of work planning for mature people.

It was the owls' ability to see at night that so impressed the Greeks and why this genus of birds became associated with the Greek Goddess for Wisdom — Athena. They saw it as evidence of some mystical inner light.

And is not wisdom an inner light that leads us to be able to observe and solve problems in our lives and in the world?

We chose wisdom as a core characteristic of our brand because we help that demographic in society who are often seen to have an abundance of this — the mature citizens over 50.

And yet wisdom and experience is often undervalued in today’s society where Uncle and Auntie Google has replaced our wise elders in families, in communities and in business.

As someone in a meeting the other day said, information is NOT wisdom. And whilst you can find out almost anything about something on Google, you can’t search for wisdom. It is an intangible and eternally beautiful human quality.

The ability to observe and then draw on experience to make a wise decision or propose a wise solution.

No-one needs to be told about the horrible couple of years we’ve had on this planet. No-one needs to be lectured on the fact we need some good news right now. Or that we might have a few problems that need to be solved as we come out the other side of the pandemic.

So here’s the good news. There is a huge pool of under-utilised mature and elder people in our communities. We just need to get a few barriers out of the way and draw this talent back into the fold.

We need to knock off our ageist attitudes that mature people have no value to offer. We need to recognise that keeping our mature and elder populations strongly connected to our families, our communities and our businesses is a good thing — no a GREAT thing!

We need to find ways to draw on their wisdom, their expertise and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and help solve these problems. To access their loyalty, their productivity, their purpose and more.

Labour shortages, the Great Resignation, the Great Reset, Volunteering, Menterning, Freelancing, Starting businesses.

You name it, there are some fantastic issues that could be solved from a great RE-ENGAGEMENT and RE-CONNECTION of our mature citizens.

The only trouble is — we need a little wisdom to access their wisdom.

Whaddaya reckon? I think it is worth it!

So let’s get started.



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